Essay about The State Towards A Model Of Governance

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that are put forth push the state towards a model of governance that is similar to a western structure. Towards democratization, equality, justice, and transparency. This is thought to decrease the probability of further conflict since democratic countries rarely have civil conflicts. Although these are all good in theory they can collectively be a large change to the country and possibly result in some resistance. Developmental aid must be given in a way that is beneficial by promoting development and incentivizing growth. This can be achieved efficiently when the recipient is dependent on the aid and if the donor has a low strategic importance related to the counties development (Girod, 2012). Simply, if a country needs the aid and the donors are willing to retract their offering of aid if the country does not move into the right direction of development then the country will be more likely to progress in a direction that is beneficial to the majority (Girod, 2012). By not having a strategic importance the country will be more effective in using the aid they are given and there will more likely be a positive correlation between aid and development; the more aid given the more the country develops (Girod, 2012). An important part of development for a country is building infrastructure, buildings, houses, and all sorts of things that have been destroyed through war. These are some of the most important things to foster economic growth. It lowers the cost of transportation…

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