The State Of Federalism And The Separation Of Powers Essay

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The institutions of federalism and the separation of powers grant which three types of power to each of the various levels and branches of government? (Correction)
I incorrectly answered reserved power, concurrent power, and veto power. Since reserved powers are granted to the states and concurrent powers are granted to both the states and the federal government, this is incorrect. The correct answer is veto power, decision-making power, and agenda power, because the President is granted veto power, while Congress is granted decision-making power, and the Supreme Court has agenda power.
The notion that the Constitution grants to the national government only those powers specifically named in its text is called: (Correction)
I incorrectly answered that political fundamentalism was this notion. Instead, the correct answer is the expressed powers, as these powers are clearly documented in the Constitution. I incorrectly answered this question because I took the question to mean that it was asking for an ideology, versus a concrete set of powers.
Powers derived from the necessary and proper clause of Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution are called: (Correction)
I incorrectly answered the expressed powers, as I misread the question and did not notice that it specifically referenced the necessary and proper clause. Thus, I thought that it referenced the powers that were outlined in Article I, Section 8, specifically. Instead, the correct answer is the implied powers.…

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