The Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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The Starry Night is one of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous and easily recognized works of cosmic genius. Van Gogh painted this masterpiece in 1889 while in Saint-Rémy, France, seeking treatment for a psychological ailment. It was a painting that van Gogh had contemplated for many years and had long postponed. The iconic painting of van Gogh’s The Starry Night conveys the Post-Impressionistic era by his use of distinctive brushwork, intense colors, and a range of descriptive objects, which displays how his distressed soul and brilliantly vivid mind exposed themselves in this painting. The technical brushwork of The Starry Night demonstrates quick, heavy, and thick strokes that possess a persistent, chaotic rhythm about them. In a letter that Vincent van Gogh wrote to a friend in Paris, he stated, “‘My brushstroke has no system at all. I hit the canvas with irregular touches of the brush, which I leave as they are. Patches of thickly laid-on color, spots of canvas left uncovered, here and there portions are left absolutely unfinished…’” (Frankel 82). Due to his dedication and “the feverish pace of his art production many believe that mania was a prominent condition in Van Gogh 's life” (“Van Gogh’s Mental and Physical Health”). These thick, haphazard brushstrokes are clearly visible and it is a possibility that his severe anxiety attacks and chronic depression further exaggerated his strokes. He worked fast and let his brushstrokes streak messily and haphazardly across the…

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