The Standards Of Business Conduct Essay

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As stated before, these three examples represent a small part of a much more in depth and clearly written document that states the standards of business conduct by both organizations. However, I feel these three are the core standards that should be a part of every organization that wishes to build a strong, ethical culture and experience continued growth and success over a long period of time.
After reading over each company’s policies, I was unable to come to the conclusion that I disliked any particular policy. Each policy reflects a specific topic of importance that the organization deems necessary to the continued success and stability of the organization’s culture. The policies are reflective of the needs, ethics, character, and adherence to laws and regulations that help maintain the overall stability of the organization as a whole with respect to the personal ethics and beliefs of a workforce composed of high diversity in terms of individual employees, by offering guidance as to how they can seek further understanding or challenge wrongdoings that they may witness.
It is highly unlikely that any organization would be able to provide policies that coincide completely with all the perspectives of a workforce comprised of people from so many ethics and religious backgrounds. Therefore, the policies should reflect the organization as a whole entity based on the recognition core beliefs, morals and character of its founders with respect to human dignity, respect…

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