The Standard Rules Of Behavior Essay

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Standard rules of behavior may simple be the silent agreed upon expectations of a society, invisible rule that any culture can use to manipulate the behavior of it’s group in any given situation and throughout time. They are unwritten rules by which to behave in a particular social group or culture. The idea or norms provide and understanding to social influence and conformity. These norms are accepted social standards of behavior within certain groups and societies. These groups can range from something small like friendship to a wider scale like an entire nation. Behavior within these groups that fulfill a particular norm is conformity. A western society may be quite casual in a social setting, touching one another or making crude jokes. However, an eastern society treat one other with great respect and may not touch one another, they may seem quite muted but the behavior is not only learned from tradition but is a deep sign of respect to one another. Standard rules of behavior or norms can even be categorized for a deeper inspection on the matter. For instance conventions or customs are standardized behavior that have no moral significance but are unanimously approved socially. However some are norms based on morality alone, attending a mass completely stark naked is not only offending to many people of culture but breaks the moral code. Particular behavior is not only forbidden but is reinforced by law such as incest or child abuse. To put this in perspective you may…

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