Essay on The Stamp Act, By William Pitt

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In early colonial America, the concept of liberty is exemplified through the colonists pursuit of the idea of liberty with pamphlets that spoke against the Intolerable Acts, intercolonial committees and western expansion. During the colonial era, the British started to tax the colonies to pay for the Seven year war. These taxes became known as the Intolerable Acts and caused a lot of indirect protests in the colonies. One of the main and more direct protests were pamphlets such as the “Speech against the Stamp Act”, by William Pitt. Where he states, “I come not here armed at all points, with law cases and acts of parliament, with the statute book doubled down in dog 's-ears, to defend the cause of liberty: if I had, I myself would have cited the two cases of Chester and Durham. I would have cited them, to have shown that even under former arbitrary reigns, parliaments were ashamed of taxing a people without their consent, and allowed them representatives.” Pitt described how unjust the Stamp Act was to colonists and how they did not have a say in the matter. Another pamphlet is “The rights of the British colonists asserted and proved” by James Otis. In the pamphlet he states that the British government “is founded on the principles of liberty and the British constitution” and if anyone tries to ignore those facts then that person“is not only a fool and a knave but a rebel against common sense, as well as the laws of God, of Nature and of his Country.” This pamphlet…

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