War On Drugs Analysis

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The Stakes of Decriminalized Drugs America’s current drug policy has always been the talk among the nation’s political scientists, economists, and politicians. From criminal deterrence to rehabilitation the scope of drug legislation has left room for many lingering questions and unanswered answers. However, among the many experts that express their concerns and suggestions Elliot Currie stands out as the vanguard of drug policy. In his essay, Towards a Policy on Drugs, Currie tackles the many roots and underpinnings associated with the prohibition, criminalization, and vilification of narcotics. Frederick Douglass once stated that “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” henceforth change lies from the hearts of minds of those who …show more content…
Since complete deregulation is out of the question Currie provides lucrative examples from the doorstep of our European neighbors. Holland for example places an emphasis punishing drug vendors and distributors while offering treatment and social service options for users instead (575). In contrast to Holland, the United States has upheld its punitive penalties for drug users through its lack of social reintegration programs for offenders and mandatory minimums. Currie affirms, while the war on drugs won’t solve the crisis, the Dutch example and differential treatment of drugs like marijuana champion ideas more apparent and rationale than America’s gung ho crusade against …show more content…
These areas lack the offsetting measures such as education and drug treatment, whose presence and impact are dwarfed in an already weakened community where social support and opportunities is a rare commodity (579). By striking a chord readers could agree with, Currie guides his readers through the social, economic, and political dimensions that shadow drug policy and conveys to the audience their role as stakeholders of the same company. It is through the rhetorical modes Currie exercises the pivotal points of his arguments either by description or cause and effect. Whether it is the exemplification of a model country or jab at the “War on Drugs,” he makes a swing on both ends and guides readers through the labyrinth known as drug policy. By challenging readers and testing their mettle Currie hopes to inspire them to take their own stance and form their own opinions rather than latching on to an abstract

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