The Spiritual And Bodily Nature Essay

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Despite having the same basic understanding of the world through Christianity and predominantly Calvinism, John Cotton and Jonathan Edwards both depict varied versions of what Luther regards as the spiritual and bodily natures that we, as Christians, exhibit. While John Cotton’s Christian Calling emphasizes our bodily nature as he focuses on the outward acts of faith such as expressing our faith in accordance to our obedience to the Lord’s will, Johnathan Edwards’ opposes this viewpoint in Religious Affections as he depicts a greater emphasis on our spiritual nature through thoroughly experiencing grace in our heart; Luther reconciles that our bodily nature expresses our spiritual nature. Cotton’s emphasizes that our bodily nature is a crucial part of our faith and acts as a tangible judge of the heart.
Throughout Cotton’s Christian Calling he constantly focuses on verifying his inner spirit of obedience and faith through external works, such as obedience to the Lord’s calling. Cotton claims that everyone has some sort of calling but Christians seek out this calling in order to verify and express their willingness to God. Cotton recognizes the importance of our spiritual nature, but he exemplifies the importance of displaying this spiritual nature. Works help identify our level of obedience and faithfulness to the Lord. Cotton portrays this attitude when he declares, “faith draws the heart of a Christian to live in some warrantable calling” (Cotton 68). Cotton reiterates…

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