The Spine Of Shakespeare 's Eternal Love Essay

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The Spine of Shakespeare’s Eternal Love: Sonnets 55 and 116 William Shakespeare’s Sonnets 55 and 116 are thematically all about love and eternity. While both themes are important for the two sonnets, they work in different ways; the theme of eternity assumes an essential part while love assumes a supporting part. In Sonnet 55 the theme of eternity is immediately present within the work, while the theme of love develops throughout the sonnet. In Sonnet 116, Shakespeare reverses the thematic roles; clearly suggesting a theme of love from the start and then slowly develops the theme of eternity towards the end. Shakespeare does this by showing a complexity between the mortality and immortality of the themes. Such as in Sonnet 55, Shakespeare asserts the immortality of the poet 's sonnets, claiming that they can withstand the forces of decay over time. In Sonnet 116, Shakespeare writes about the betrayal and inconsistency of youth 's love, suggesting that love is mortal and is easily disrespected. In spite of this rudimentary contrast in how the speaker outlines these two topics, once set up, it gets to be distinctly obvious that the theme of eternity structures the spine in both works, while, the theme of love plays an essential and necessary secondary role.
Sonnet 55 is clearly talking about the idea of eternity. What will withstand time and what will eventually diminish. The sonnet quickly exhibits a theme of eternity from the start but soon after the theme of love comes…

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