Essay on The Spectrum Of Race And Gender

1185 Words Oct 28th, 2014 5 Pages
Genelyn Garma
Professor Van Eijk
Anthropology 474
25 October 2014
The Spectrum of Race
Medical knowledge has become a powerful tool to exploit differences within individuals in our society. The differences among individuals on the basis of social characteristics and qualities, known as social differences, are perceived through research and studies in a negative manner. Gender, race, socioeconomic status, and income are one many examples of social differences that exist. Through articles that we have read in the past, it could be arguably be seen that the question of race and gender alone are motivation for medical professions to conduct research to distinguish and/or create a type of person out of the spectrum that society have created.
Human variation attempts to categorize people into groups, which consequently alter the perception of the individual. The identities of individuals are eliminated as they encounter discrimination and stereotypes based on the beliefs of a particular group that people categorized them in. It is no surprise that sex and race are primarily the social difference that society emphasizes on, according to Krieger and Fee, these divisions are what society considers important, it is how we classify and collect data, and organize our social life as a nation (239). Consequently, these variations that society constructed influenced how subjects were chosen for profitable medical research. It has become evident that interplay between race and gender have…

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