The Spanish And English Colonization Essay

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With Europe’s newly founded attraction of colonization in the New world, the Spanish and the English Colonization was predominant in the Americas. Despite the English and the Spanish being located in very close proximities in the New world, New Spain, and New England are significantly different and slightly similar. The Spanish and English colonies in the New World between 1492 to 1790 have extraordinary similar in the treatment of indigenous people, significant differences in the colonies economic base, and the control of European government.

The control of European government in the Spanish and English colonies between 1492 to 1790 were significantly different because of the way the European government had control over the colonies and the way the colonies responded to the government control. The Spanish and English colonies are significantly different when it comes to the European government control over the colonies. The Spanish government had the majority control over the Spanish colonies. The Spanish government from the moment Columbus landed in Hispaniola had control over the colonies because the Spanish colonies were a way for Spain to become economically sounded. The government of Spain had to regulate the colonies because if the government wanted to economically boost themselves, then need a lot of control over the conquistadors and colonies. The English government control over the New England colonies was extremely limited. This was because the English…

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