The Soviet Union During The Cold War Essay

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There was a complicated relationship between Latin America and both United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold war. The main foreign policy objective during the Cold War for the United States was containment and stopping the spread of Communism. As a result the US was very protective of Latin America. The US was very active in making sure that communism was suppressed all over the region. Meanwhile the Soviet Union was funding and influencing Latin America towards a communist region. The domestic and foreign policies in Chile, Nicaragua, and Guatemala reflected the global realignments of the world during the Cold War.
The struggle for power in Chile was influenced by the Cold War. In 1970, Salvador Allende, a Marxist, was elected President of Chile. Because of the United State’s focus on containment, the CIA backed a Chilean military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet, to remove Allende from office. Allende committed suicide rather than surrendering to the military. Pinochet was made part of a four-man ruling junta led by the commanders of the army, air force, police and navy. Later, General Pinochet took over Chile. Pinochet established a dictatorship that murdered and imprisoned thousands of citizens. He stayed in power for the next 17 years.
Many Chileans were divided on their views of Pinochet. Some saw him as rescuing them from the socialism of Allende. A positive of his dictatorship was the growth in the economy. On the other hand, others say he was…

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