Essay on The Soviet Union And Nazi Germany

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The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were two of the most influential empires of the 20th century, with both playing huge roles in global politics and ultimately World War II. How is it these huge empires were able to come to power in their respective countries? Many different reasons can be given for each, ranging from economic struggles to inter-government quarrels. Ultimately, one of the biggest factors that allowed these two empires to rise to power was World War I and the lingering effects that the war had on the world. While the means that these two empires used to gain control may differ, the wake of WWI was influential for both to secure power. The first consideration is what these two states looked like during and immediately after the war.. Next, it is vital to consider the systems that rose to power immediately after the war and their flaws. The final process to look at is how the Nazi’s and Communist’s were able to use the current conditions of their respective nations to seize power.

World War I had highly detrimental effects of Germany. The German Revolution that started in 1918 forced the German Empire to agree to an armistice in November of 1918. The German Revolution ultimately ended with the dissolution of the German Empire and its replacement with the Weimar Republic. This new government signed the Treaty of Versailles in June of 1919; the treaty signified the end of the war and forced Germany to accept responsibility for all the damage caused to the Allied…

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