Essay about The South Korean Economy

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For starters, many chaebols rely upon one another for resources and are essential for the continued growth of the South Korean economy. This is one of the similarities to some of the businesses here in the United States. As a smart business owner, you want to get the most that you can out of your business so many business owners’ help one another achieve this. By two companies business helping each other, it generally results in cheaper costs, or just increases relations at the very least for future business needs. It depends on the circumstances as well as the businesses involved, however it usually is strictly a positive interaction just as it is in South Korea, or anywhere else you’d encounter this interaction.
You can look at it from a more basic approach, which is structure. This is both the same and yet very different. In the most basic sense it’s pretty similar, and I say this because the structure of business can only vary so much. For every business or conglomerate or chaebol or whatever you want to call them, they need a guy in charge, employees, and products to make and distribute to earn money. This is the basic idea of business and both the South Korean chaebols and the U.S. conglomerates share this idea. However, if you take a step back, this is where things start to differ between the two. Here in the states, since it’s such a business and top dog heavy style, any one percenter could buy or start a business and sell whatever product he/she wanted.…

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