The Soul As A Being And A Concept Essay

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The soul as a being and a concept are overarching themes in Plato’s dialogues and Ancient Greek philosophy as a whole. The earliest and most prominent discussion of the soul by Socrates occurs in Plato’s dialogue Phaedo. The discussion of immortality and reincarnation arises as early as the soul itself in Phaedo and has many elements comparable to Plato’s later dialogue – Phaedrus. The two present dialogues address the meaning of philosophy and the immortality of the soul in different, and sometimes contradicting ways, but analyzing them together creates an ultimate analysis of two crucial immortality arguments.
Plato focuses on the Theory of Recollection and ideas about compounds to explain immortality in the Phaedo, the Phaedrus addresses the concept of self-movement. Phaedo, the presumably older dialogue of the two was written around 360 B.C.E. and reflects the ideas of Socrates through Phaedo in conversation with others, primarily Echecrates. The setting of the Phaedo is Socrates’ prison cell in the time leading up to his death. This dialogue ends with Socrates drinking poison on account of his death sentence. The main points detailed throughout the Phaedo include: philosophy’s relationship with death, the concept of virtue, and the immortality of the soul. For the sake of this piece, the immorality of the soul will be the primary focus.
The present argument for the immortality of the soul in the Phaedo is based on accepting Plato’s Theory of Recollection. The…

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