The Solidarity Between Women And Women Essay

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The solidarity created between women of different privileges can be interpreted in several ways. Some women may use it as an exploitation of labor, causing harm to a migrant woman. Anderson explains the term, “maternalism” and how it applies to the migrant worker-employer dynamic. Employers use their superiority over migrant workers as a way of taking care of them. An example of the dynamic between the women is when the wealthier woman takes care of her hired help in a way that a mother would care for her child, like when a woman gives unwanted house goods and clothing to migrant workers. The employer sometimes may not even pay the workers because she thinks goods are enough. (Anderson, 111). The employer sees the migrant woman as inferior and thinks that it is her duty to protect her and give her material things. The employers do not think about the fact that the entire reason most of these women work in another country is for the money to send home to their families. This is an exercise of the power roles between two different women of different privileges and it does not help migrant women, it harms them First World feminists are focused on helping themselves, while there are people who have much bigger problems that need help. Bell hooks, an American author, feminist, and social activist defines feminism as “a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” First World women taking advantage of migrant women is completely against the movement of…

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