The Soft Ware Essay

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Assignment # 4—Direct Quotations
Quotation # 1: Point Covered—Social Media in Business Kelvin Lee, an urban cowboy out of Texas, majored in physics and began developing soft-ware, and writing in 1989. Known for his non-technical articles covering a large area of topics and affairs, Lee created articles for the Johnson Space Center as well. Lee soft-ware has helped major businesses that were striving with huge success. “Anyone can send out Twitter messages or add Facebook buttons to their websites, but doing that won’t always make a person’s business more successful. Before diving into an unfocused, unplanned social media marketing campaign, it is important to establish a set of goals that can help you communicate effectively with the vast pool of social media users and promote your business efficiently,” Lee states. The soft-ware that has been developed will help in the aid of promoting more and help small businesses become more profitable. The soft-ware is to help Facebook and Twitter users learn how to go and advertise so that they can market their businesses the right way and not harm it in the long run. This can help with struggling businesses that is facing hardship as well as the economy. It can also teach what people have been doing wrong to get their business up and going efficiently.
Quotation # 2: Point Covered—Social Media a Losing Strategy
Although most companies find that social media boost their company sales and profits, there are companies that social media…

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