Essay on The Society And Its Impact On Society

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Demographically, society today could be considered a watershed moment in history. With the largest recorded increase in human longevity, the population’s median age has risen so much that Americans over the age of 65 will soon grow to 20 percent of the population - society may be well on its way to being called a “geriatric” society (Prager, 2002). The effects of this shift are far-ranging: from culture to medicine to education, virtually no area in society today is left untouched by this move toward an older population. Lifelong learning now has become a household term, thus creating a sense of urgency for a response from educators and schools, as well as researchers prying into the age-old question of whether or not adults lose intellectual ability as they age (Merriman, 2007). Although the literature seems not to have found a definitive answer to the question of when cognitive function begins to decline, as more and more older adults are living longer, productive, and happy lives, the myths and societal views surrounding the education of older Americans need to be constantly challenged and examined. Sheppard (2002) explains that this shift of adult learning can be attributed to the G.I. Bill of Rights, post-World War II. In addition to providing low-interest loans for housing, job training, and small-business loans, the Veterans Administration (VA) provided grants for college tuition. The new message sent to Americans was that higher education was not just…

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