The Social Revolution: The Organization And Structure Of Society

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The organization and structure of a society have sometimes been key historical reasons for change in many different countries, empires or regimes. If a society was organized in a way that favored a particular race, religion, or political group then the seeds for revolution have already been sown. But given the works of Rousseau, Marx and Colbert it seems that society has been organized in a completely imbalanced manner. Using Discourses on Inequality, Communist Manifesto, and Colbert’s segments on campaign finance, it can be argued that society is structurally unequal and designed to favor the rich. When Rousseau spoke about the nature of inequality among man, he spoke about how changes in the equality of society were not immediate but gradual. When mankind was in its infancy, society was divided into men who “were hunters and warriors” (Rousseau 138) and women who led a more “sedentary” (Rousseau 145) life. However, according to Rousseau the turning …show more content…
So at the very beginning the foundation of inequality in society was formed on basis on who had more land and therefore money. But no man

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