Essay on The Social Of Social Psychology

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When I applied to Mcmaster I was determine to pursue my major in social working within social sciences. Throughout high school becoming a social worker was something I had a passion for as I even did coop for it. However, after taking this course and learned more about the programs that are offered within the faculty it opened doors for me and made me realized I can do so many other programs that are like social working but have a variety of job opportunities. If I have to decide now of what program I would chose as a major it would be Social Psychology as I counitine my social sciences degree.

As I was examining the social psychology faculty websites I learned about how unique the program is as it explores individuals develop. Social psychology studies how people are affected by other people through their social and physical environment. As I found this information very interesting it allowed me to spark up conversations with people I knew who were taking some of these classes and I learned much more information. Social Psychologists would look at how groups of people influence one 's choices and actions as it looks into social perceptions affecting interactions with people around them. These interactions are affected by issues such as prejudice, relationships, bullying, friendships, family and emotional health.

The programs within social psychology allows students to take a variety of different classes that opens many pathways within careers that I would never have…

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