The Social Differences Of Mesopotamia And Ancient Egypt

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Daniel Young
World History AP
August 4,2014
When we look at how far we have come as a people, it is hard not to wonder where we started from. Two major civilizations that play an imperative role in our advancement as a people are Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Although they are two civilizations that took place during separate times, they actually have many similarities while being unique at the same time.
One reason Mesopotamia was a successful civilization was because they not only knew how to survive, but also how to flourish. They had the basic food, water, shelter, and then some. The word Mesopotamia means, “land between two rivers.” The Tigris and Euphrates river proved to be useful for farming. Farmers were able to develop an irrigation
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The pyramids of Giza, which Egypt is arguably most famous for had a lot to do with the government of ancient Egypt. Slaves were required to build the pyramids by law. Pyramids were built to honor some of the Egyptian gods, while other were built to serve as tombs for the deceased. While the pyramids are what Egypt is known for, the thing that Egypt created that is still meaningful today is the social hierarchy. A social hierarchy is used to represent the amounts of power different groups of people have. In Egypt’s case the most power belong to the Pharaoh and his queen. While many respected him, others feared him. With the snap of his fingers, he could have one person killed, or have another person made extremely wealthy. Below him were government officials. They live comfortable lives and ate very well. They didn’t have the same level of power that the pharaoh had, but they were able to control some aspects of life by creating laws. Underneath them were the merchants. They were responsible for selling things. They were not able to live luxurious lives, but they were able to have the basic needs. Beneath him were the farmers. They were considered the low class. They had to struggle to get by most of the time, and were very poor. Finally at the very bottom was the slaves. They slaves were the all time lowest of the low. They were stripped many basic human rights and they …show more content…
To start off, the Mesopotamians were strong believers in gender roles. Boys were raised to learn skills to learn whatever trade their family was in while the girls were taught how to cook, clean, and take care of the family. Religion also played a large part in Mesopotamian culture. Mesopotamians were polytheistic which meant that they worshipped multiple gods. In their religion, there were over 2,000 gods and goddesses. The majority of their culture believed that they were put on earth to worship the gods that put them there. To show their love for the gods, they build temples called ziggurats to worship. There they would worship various gods and the priests would perform sacrifices. Mesopotamia was unlike many places because instead of offering up animals or crops to the gods, the Mesopotamians believed in offering up people. Women, servants, and guards were thrown into fiery pits or took poison to thank the gods for protecting them. During hard times, it was the faith in these gods that brought them over their

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