Essay on The Social Contract By Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Over the course of history, there have been several people from Thomas Hobbes to Hugo Grotius, that have made assumptions or gave their opinions and reasoning on what a on what a civil society should contain. I recently read a book called “The Social Contract” by Jean Jacques Rousseau, which presented some of his views. The book contained four major chapters with each common goal, a better society away from being control solely by the government. Born in Geneva, Jean Jacques Rousseau was a well-known philosopher, writer, and composer of music during the 18th century and is widely recognized for his contribution to the French enlightenment. His writings encouraged people to open their minds to other ways of thinking and living, which is why he is still known today. Besides The Social Contract, he is known for his novel Émile, or On Education, a treatise on the education of the whole person for citizenship. The author wrote this book with the intention of expressing his solutions to the problem of legitimate authority so that people are granted their liberty instead of being constrained from it. The Social Contract by Jean Jacques Rousseau was published in France in the year of 1762. The Social Contract challenged the law and the order of the government. He writes, “I call then government, or supreme administration, the legitimate exercise of the executive power, and prince or magistrate the man or the body entrusted with that administration.” A social…

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