The Social Conflict Theory On Cyberterrorism Essay

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The Social Conflict Theory on Cyberterrorism:
Understanding and Counteracting Research
According to the social conflict theory, tensions and conflicts occur when resources, status, and power are unequally dispersed between groups in society, and as a result these conflicts become the instrument for social change. Based on Karl Marx’s perspective, social class and inequality are created because the social structure is founded on conflict and contradictions. Numerous social psychologists describe a person’s environment as the place where a person 's behavior is influenced by the social settings in which they live and their psychological predispositions. Simultaneously, the process of joining a terrorist group is greatly influenced by the prevailing political and social environment shared by contacts and relationships with people who embrace extremist political and/or religious notions.
The term “cyberterrorism” refers to the use of the Internet as a method in which to launch an attack such as hacking into electrical power grids, private networks, and personal information. Over the past forty years, cyber-terrorists have been using the Internet as an advanced communications tool in which to rapidly spread and consolidate their members and resources. For example, the instantaneous spread of information provided by the Internet has allowed numerous terrorist’s groups to quickly share information, coordinate attacks, raise funds, and find new recruits for their cause.…

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