Global Terrorism And Mass Media

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The articles used in this analysis demonstrate the reasons behind global terrorism and Mass media biased. Global Terrorism is a very critical issue and should not be overlooked. "terrorism has continuously increased in the past few years, particularly in the regions that are under America 's military influence". ("US main reason behind spread of terrorism" 2011, paragraph 1). However, there is huge concern for Muslim society about false media propaganda against them (religion). "the westerners began attributing all negative issues (terrorism) to the holy Islam"(Afghan Paper calls on USA to define what terrorism is 2007, paragraph 4). Keeping in mind, this research paper is going to depict a combination of logical and emotional appeals used …show more content…
the article talks and demand a study to find out the main reason behind horrific terrorism attacks (9/11). This article is more persuasive than the former, because it provides some evidence and information to support the thesis. For example, "Why Al-qa 'idah needed to do this as no wise human brothers including Muslims and hurts anyone without any reason".(Afghan paper calls on USA to define what terrorism is, 2007, paragraph 3). there has to be a super power behind, who is funding terrorist and paying them under the table to commence such acts against entire world, "to achieve its strategic objectives ". The author uses ample emotional appeals in the article to convince audience and define who are the terrorist in reality. "If someone kills or torture someone is called terrorist, but if someone else targets villages and countryside is not terrorist, but is called protector of human rights" (Afghan paper calls on USA to define what terrorism is, 2007, paragraph 6). The author pointing out USA presence in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of war on terror. this has pro and cons as it demolish terrorist territories/ structure but at the same time it cause hundreds of innocents casualties in the country side. However, this statement is ironic to all those Americans who are serving their country. Furthermore, there is another strong emotional appeal "we condemn terror and terrorism, but we want clear definition of terrorism" .(Afghan paper calls on USA to define what terrorism is,2007, paragraph 8). This is a point of view of entire Muslim society and it condemn all terrorist attack against non-Muslims and Muslims. Therefore it is very important for media community to stop linking terrorism to Islam and using term 'Islamic terrorism ' as they are discharge from Islam and have own beliefs and also mind set. terrorist go through a whole process

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