The Social Class Of The Middle Class Essay

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Throughout the various levels of social status, there are different goals and ideas that are expected and pursued throughout the education system. Our nation is simply set up into three social classes: the lower, the middle, and the upper. The hierarchy of social rank is often correlated with stereotypes. People who are homeless, lacking in skills or knowledge, and unemployed are perceived to be the lower class. Individuals in the middle class, are made up of well off people with a decent income and an average family. Meanwhile, the upper class is associated with exceptional income, higher education, with a luxurious lifestyle. Stereotypes make people identify others to be something that society perceives them to be. While society pinpoints a group rather than an individual, false and exaggerated ideas are poured into believing that everyone in that specific group is the same person. Everyone has goals and dreams that make them their own. Through the educational system, barriers of these stereotypes are broken down every day. Success isn’t just obtained through what social class a person lives in; Success is conquered through a person’s will to strive for greatness. Stereotypes do not matter when an individual has the passion to make something out of their social class situation.
For intellectual reasons, the education system contains values that affect a student throughout their entire life. Inspiration, creativity, and inventiveness is acquired through knowledge that is…

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