The Slavery Of The United States Essay

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In the year 1819, there was a balance of power within the nation because there were

exactly 11 free states and 11 slave states. Missouri, however, wanted statehood, which created

problems because that would make the balance of power unequal. James Tallmadge, Jr. proposed

what came to be known as the “Tallmadge Amendment,” which disallowed slaves’ owners from

bringing new ones into Missouri, and also allowed children of slaves to be freed when they

turned 25. This was approved by the House of Representatives, where the Northerners had a

majority, but rejected by the Senate. Maine came into this situation when they wanted to be their

own state, requesting to be in the Union. Senate saw this opportunity to fulfill an equal number

of free and slave states once again, so there was a combination of both territory’s desire, making

Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state. Jesse Thomas, senator of Illinois at the time, took

an important step by introducing an amendment that banned slavery in the territory bought from

the Louisiana Purchase, above Missouri’s border and below it. This separated what could be

slave states and free states, free being in the North and slave states being in the South (except


Despite this resolution, there was a newly-developed problem that emerged. Members of

the Missouri constitutional convention who did not oppose slavery banned African Americans

who were free from getting into the state by wanting to…

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