The Slavery Of The United States Essay

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After he won the election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth president of the United States. Many Americans especially the slaves are happy Lincoln won the election because they believe he is Moses, and he is going to take to the promise land (freedom).The southerners fear Lincoln to be a dangerous president who will tear the nation apart because of his plans concerning slavery. The Southerners feel they would be better served by a new government, and they are advocating secession. There are three reasons that proves why the southerns want independence from the north (Union). Slavery is necessary evil, northerns want to destroy the south, and the south makes 60 percent of United States GDP.
Slavery has been in existence for a long time no one has really had a problem with the ideal of slavery. Slavery is one of the reasons the United States exist. Slavery has played a huge role in developing the economical and societal part of the United States. If slavery was not created we wonder how history will be different. Anti slavery wants to abolish slavery even though they benefit from the slavery. The northerns are being hypocrites, and they are jealous they can not own slaves because it is illegal to own slaves as property in the northern part of United States. The people who live in the south are free to own slaves if they can afford it and it is part of the southern ideal of honor. Gentleman are honorable men in the south they do not yell, they treat women nicely,…

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