The Slavery Of The Southern Colonies Essay

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By the late seventeenth early eighteenth centuries, the southern colonies was immersed in a labor transition from indentured servitude to slavery. Indentured servants were under a labor contract which consisted of passage to the British colonies with the repayment made by services provided at a plantations for a term of four to seven years, and once the term was completed, they would receive 50 acres. This labor system began to decline for various reasons, such as economic stability in England, increased survival rates of the indentured servants, the establishment of Pennsylvania, and limited land provisions. All resulted in a large labor shortage in the southern colonies. In response to this shortage, colonist turned towards a bound and permeant labor force, slavery. “The pioneers needed, above all, ‘help,’ and they secured it in the best and cheapest manner.” With this mass influx of a native group of people, it brought not only a work force, but also traditions and customs that would influence the culture on the southern plantations. In any society, bringing together two different groups of people, and both will bring their own distinctiveness which would shine in ways of language, dress, cuisine, and in southern plantation case, architecture. Even though southern slavery was strict under law and highly organized, one can see a metamorphosis of the architectural design of various building on the southern plantation with West African influence. This evidence can be seen…

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