The Slavery Of The Black Women Essay

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The most saddening issue with this part of history is that these enslaved women were forced into these types of sexual labor because of their physical structure. The curves of their bodies deemed them to these helpless positions. Worst of all labor laws manipulated themselves to coerce reproductive and productive labor. So, it was the job of these women to resist and act against the brutality. However, it was very scary for these enslaved to act against the law. And, at the time it was the law that accepted the labor environment of these plantations. For instance, after being raped and harassed by men on the plantations enslaved women would give birth to enslaved with no chance of fighting against the brutality for their civil rights. Slavery was not just concerning labor as a single entity. In fact, it was race and gender that simultaneously operated to construct these laws of slavery . Jacqueline jones explains that it was these constructed rules of slavery that deemed the sexual markets as legal and the work of the black women. . In fact, by the nineteenth century protecting women from rape was barely accessible to white women, and utterly unavailable to black enslaved women . Rape was not recognized as a crime against enslaved women, and these enslaved women had no political power. In addition, enslaved women lacked human rights and were looked as sexual property that could not be protected from any brutality unless ordered by their masters because she African…

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