The Slavery Of African American Culture Essay

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After a rigidly fought battle with Great Britain, we, America, finally grasped what had evaded us for so long—independence. It was then that the fortitude of this nation was tested. A battle begun, one centered around ascending to a pinnacle never before seen. This was the gateway to one of the most inhumane time periods in this country’s history: slavery. With the inherent support of the founding fathers, as well as many other political leaders, America’s economy flourished with the barbaric assistance of slavery. Slaves were people of African-American culture. Regardless of gender, they were appointed the gratuitous task of working on the plantations in the south. Working in horrible conditions, they endured long hours of labor. With the least bit of remorse slave owners abused in every possible way that is conceivable. The inhumane conception of slavery took over the lives of African Americans for decades. In all actuality, freedom was pronounced, yet within the shadows was deprived with such hypocrisy. Despite this, a glimmer of hope manifested when a young bright slave, Frederick Douglass, was able to secure the freedom every slave dreamt of. He documented a multitude of his endeavors for freedom in his autobiography, which gave society an invaluable insight into the realities of slavery. Douglass effectively spoke for the slaves and depicted what they went through with his excellent use of diction, syntax, vivid imagery , and pathos in the pages 101 to 107 of his…

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