The Slave Trade And The Expansion And Development Of Europe Into The New World

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Throughout all the centuries of the slave trade, approximately six to seven million slaves were brought to the New World (Slavery in America). All of these slaves were greatly affected by the slave trade, as well as all of the other individuals involved. The slave trade also greatly altered the civilizations of Europe, Africa and the New World at the time. These places would have been very different without the changes that the slave trade brought to them, and the civilizations would have had exceedingly diverse long term effects without it. The slave trade facilitated the expansion and development of Europe into the New World (Lansford). On the other hand, it commenced the decrease in power of African kingdoms and communities (“Africa: Political and Historical Effects of the Atlantic Slave Trade”). The slave trade had many different effects on the different societies that had taken part in it. It also had a drastic, appalling impact on the slaves and slavers that were apart of the slave trade. Overall, although slavery was beneficial to the European and the New World societies, it was dehumanizing and negatively impacted the lives of Africans and everyone involved in the slave trade. The slave trade enabled the European and New World societies to expand with the profit they made, and become more advantageous civilizations than some of the others around them. With the slave trade, Europe 's trade increased greatly allowing them to advance their society. Trading became a…

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