The Slave Trade And Its Effects On The New World Essay

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In the current pages I will be discussing the development of the Atlantic Slave Trade and its effects on the New World. While the undesirable characteristics of slavery and the slave trade are written down and spoken about there were also some positive effects and outcomes from slavery as well. The Atlantic slave trade refers to the moving of Africans or The Middle Passage from their homeland to the New World. I will also be discussing how In the American Revolution, achieving freedom was the main purpose and motivation for black slaves who joined the Patriot or British armies as well.

I think the development and nature of the Atlantic Slave Trade came about because of simply a demand for labor in other places such as Europe, Portugal and the New World somewhere around the fifteenth century and continued into the twentieth century. Slave labor was not unusual to European colonies in the Americas because it existed in all cultures for thousands of years. It was also very common in West Africa although it was less cruel than it became in the Americas. The reason the demand for labor grew was due to business needs for the sugar, tobacco, indigo, and rice business. The labor load got strenuous and to demanding for just the white indentured servants to handle. Most of them were getting sick and dying before their contract ended because of brutal labor and disease conditions.
After all the white indentured servants/slaves worked for several years for a contract holder who did…

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