The Sikh Twins By The Examiner During Their Final Art Examination

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“Haven’t you ever tried to be different?”(Text) This statement was given to the Sikh twins by the examiner during their final Art examination. Individuality could be a key point to examine a cultural conflict in this context. Before the examination, it will give a definition of culture and difference of the value system in each Western and Asian culture. Culture can be explained in many kinds of terms. Lustig and Koester (2010:25) defined “culture is a learned set of shared interpretations about beliefs, values, norms, and social practices, which affect the behaviors of a relatively large group of people.” Culture is something learned, shared and internalized by a certain number of people ,for example family, company, local community or country. Especially people have been under influenced by their families since they are born. According to Hofstede’s research, culture also can be characterised four bipolar dimensions: Power Distance; Individualism/Collectivism; Uncertainty Avoidance; Masculinity/Feminity (Jones, 2007). In this case, values of the Sikh twins and the examiner can be described the term “Individualism/Collectivism”. India score 48 in “Individuality”, which means people prefer being belonging to a group and the influence of one’s family, relatives, neighbours or other social groups is enormous. On the other hand, the UK scores 89 which is the one of the highest score in the world. People learn the importance of individuality and uniqueness at the early age.…

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