The significance, symbolism, and other examples of ‘Light’ in photography.

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“Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing, light is everything.” – Leonard Missone.” Looking at works of modern photography like Corey Holms and Howard Schatz I am going to look at how they use ‘Light’ in their work to create different effects and look at the significance, symbolism, and other examples of ‘Light’ in photography.

Looking specifically at ‘Liquid Light’ as my project title, I am exploring different ways that light can be used in water to create different effects and moods in photography especially when mixed with portraiture. This got me thinking about the importance of light in general and how photographers all have a different relationship
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He also does the opposite effect of completely whiting out the skin and pouring black paint over the body and also with an extreme colour such as the neon pink or neon blue- the opposite colours on the ‘colour spectrum’ are used e.g. orange and green on blue and blue on pink. It is this extreme contrast of colour that brings the shockingly bright quality to the photos. Another way he plays with light is the different backgrounds- the tone and use of a background completely changes the outcome of the photo. A few of his images have a dusty purple colour or a textured background around the body that appears to look like coloured dye powder that’s been thrown up in the air. Using this softer tone behind the image changes the emotion in the picture but also highlights and changes the tonal quality of the colour that’s on the paint on the body. As I mentioned before- I like mixing abstract effects with photography and I feel like this is really being done here in an effective way. The other aspect I really liked in this photography is the use of liquid-which explores ‘liquid light’ in such a different way to the work of Holms. Whereas Holms looks at the shapes and textures zoomed in water, this looks at more

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