The Shining By Stephen King Essay

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Through the use of both passive and violent diction, as well as simile, Stephen King’s “The Shining” depicts how the concept of control affects both Jack and Wendy to conform to traditional gender roles, where the male is more aggressive and in charge of caring for his family, and the female is more passive and accepting of the conditions around her.

Through the use of violent diction, King identifies how Jack deals with not being in control.

When Al tells Jack that he is forbid to write a book on the Overlook, King depicts Jack by saying “His head was throbbing with the hot, acid etched words he wanted to get out” (King 276).

Before thinking of some form of solution and maintaining a leveled head, Jack immediately becomes filled with aggressive, livid thoughts. By using the word “throbbing”, King implies that him staying silent is an extremely difficult task that is physically paining him, as throbbing is a word commonly associated with injury. Through the use of the word “acid”, and not a word more commonly associated with anger, such as “rage”, King suggests that Jack’s words are dangerous. Acid has a connotation of something that is seen as dangerous and corrosive, which suggests that the words and emotions he wanted to get out are dangerous and corrosive and dangerous as well.

King uses simile to highlight how Jack’s silence in reaction to Al’s asserted control is a masculine method of defiance.
When Jack terminates his phone call with Al, he recedes to…

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