The Shang And Shang Dynasty Essay

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The Shang and Zhou Dynasties were considered two of the greatest time periods in all of China. This was the period in time were China started to become a more civilized and technologically advanced culture and people as a whole. This period in Chinese history came to be known as the Bronze Age of China due to the archaeological find that the people of the Shang and Zhou Dynasty began to learn how to work bronze and create art and fashion tools and other useful items from it such as weapons and tea kettles or sculptures. The Shang Dynasty is considered to be the time when China and it’s civilization first started to take full shape of its society and people as a civilized country and government. The Shang dynasty occurred during an estimated time period between the years of 1650 to 1027 B.C., and occupying most of is now considered to be Eastern China along the Wei River above the lower part of the Yellow river, and just above the Yangzi River. Archaeologists unearthing the site of the Shang civilization uncovered that the Shang buried their dead rulers in very large tombs filled with treasures much like the Egyptians did with their pharaoh. In another tomb, they discovered the resting place of Fu Hoa the wife of King Wu Ding of the Shang Dynasty. From these records and artifacts it was presumed that she was very high in their government. It was thought that she owned much of the land in the kingdom for her land and helped lead their armies of soldiers whenever an opposing…

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