The Shame Of The Nation By Jonathan Kozol Essays

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Society has been defined by color and race for many generations. From the Reconstruction Era to present day, there is still segregation and racism occurring in the world. These terms of how we describe ourselves often defines us as the minority or majority and plays a major expectation of what is expected of us.
In the book, The Shame of the Nation, Jonathan Kozol, a schoolteacher takes a job in Boston to teach. In his encounter, he notices that majority of the segregated schools are in run-down conditions and many kids have just given up on education and gone rebellious against society. He notes that, “Some of the kids seemed to have accepted these conditions or, at least, did not appear to feel they had the right to question.” In a world where kids are unable to chase their dreams because of the lack the resources is beyond their fault. They never asked to be black and yet people tend to look at them as monsters. Furthermore, many kids have even shown hostility to portray their anger. Kozol states, “Many of these kids that misbehaved were taken to the basement of the school, where whippings were administer.” Instead of finding ways to fix the school, we should start with nurturing the kids with motivation, and teaching the proper ways of giving respect to the people around them. As we read along, we see kids writing to Kazol asking, “You have…we do not have.” The children wonder what makes the other kids so special that they don’t deserve the same things. Kazol claims,…

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