The Sexual Double Standard And Adolescent Peer Acceptance Essay

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In “The Sexual Double Standard and Adolescent Peer Acceptance” (2009), Derek A. Kreager and Jeremy Staff research the sexual double standard by measuring the social status of the sexually permissive youth. They came up with the hypothesis that sexual behaviors affect peer status and that gender and socioeconomic origin may influence this. Using a network approach with data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health’s first two student surveys. They evaluated report numbers of lifetime sexual partners, involvement in “nonromantic” sexual relationships, extracurricular participation, academic ability and performance, violence, alcohol abuse, and how long the students have been at that school when researching the association between sexual behavior and peer acceptance.
Kreager and Staff found that girls with eight or more partners tend to be marginalized within peer groups, regardless if their sexual encounters occurred in a “romantic” relationship. In addition, they found white females that use alcohol, participate in athletics, do well in school, live with both parents, have a low body mass, and are more physically mature are more accepted amongst their peers. Additionally, their results suggest that female reactions to sexual permissively improve the status of guys while decreasing the status of females. Proving the sexual double standard, males with at least one lifetime sexual partner were significantly more socially accepted than guys with no sexual…

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