The Sexism Of School Dress Codes Essay

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In The Sexism of School Dress Codes, Li Zhou organizes her article by informing the audience about the negative effects school dress codes may have in females, transgenders, and nonconforming students. Li Zhou strongly believes school 's dress code policies need to be updated since the policies that currently exist are bias and enforced in a way that humiliates the student. The current policies create an expectation that women are responsible for unwanted things that occur to them, when it may not be their fault. Dress codes should also be updated because they current ones, don 't take into consideration students who may be for the LGBT community or students who may simply not want to conform to the norm.
Maggie Sunseri of Versailles, Kentucky was simply a middle school student when she first realized, her school 's dress code was bias towards females. Maggie came to the conclusion when she found out her school was prohibiting female students from wearing certain clothing articles, while males were not being prohibited. According to the administrators of the school, they prohibited females from wearing certain clothing since they were a “distraction” to male students. Sunseri then took action on what she noticed by producing a documentary that focused on the negative impacts bias rules can have on girls, and by creating a campaign protesting against the bias rules.
Sunseri was not the only one who took action for the negative impacts dress codes have on students; in…

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