The Sermons Of Church And State Essay

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Every sermon was meant to focus on ethical behavior and how to have a christian life (“Journal of Church and State”, 2014). McMahon (n.d.) stated that, we like preachers that are entertaining, Puritans on the other hand didn’t. There preachers had to be able to read the Bible and explain the plain meaning, note and discuss key points, and be able to apply the text to real life situations. They didn’t care to hear how the preacher’s day has went they just wanted the word to be preached (McMahon, n.d.). According to the “Journal of Church and State”(2014), to make the sermons impress those of higher education, some preachers would place in quotes that would not make any sense to those of the middle class. Others would include problems that were an issue in the community, such as drunkenness, swearing, and lewdness. Each church had two sermons on Sundays, one in the morning while the other was at night. Certain churches also offered Wednesday night services just like many churches today provide (“Journal of Church and State”, 2014). As seen in the “Journal of Church and State”(2014) three new sermons were published each week and a congregation could request the preacher to print it. McMahon (n.d.) stated in his article that, many of the sermons lasted from an hour and a half to three hours, and the people often enjoyed these long sermons. Many people today would rather have a fifteen minute sermon than a two hour sermon that was centered around hell and fire (McMahon).…

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