The Selfish Butterfly In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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The Selfish Butterfly

Imagine being accustomed on the dependance of others, and unexpectedly having all of that stability taken away. Grete Samsa lives in a poor family but luckily was able to depend on her older brother Gregor, who gave up his dreams in order to provide for his family. In the novel The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning finding himself transformed into a monstrous vermin. He could not leave his room in this gruesome state, and therefore could no longer go to work. What Grete feared the most was losing her provider and no longer having the security and dependence on someone else. Gregor knows Grete loves him and wondered “why didn 't [she] go in… because he was in danger of losing his job?” (10). Gregor heard
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She did nothing to provide for her family and spent her time doing youthful activities. Although she does not contribute to the household she is the only one who is there for Gregor which is a much more important priority. Knowing he is scared and vulnerable, she takes on the responsibility of making Gregor as happy and comfortable as possible. Even though she frightened by Gregor 's physical transformation, she could not bare to see him in this state. Secluded and locked up in his room all day Gregor needed company and food so Grete “came on tiptoe, as if she were visiting someone seriously ill or perhaps even a stranger” (22). Her struggle to cope with this drastic change is difficult. She must choose between her own dreams and needs, or put them aside and care for Gregor. She brought him a wide assortment of foods to see what would please Gregor best. She knew Gregor did not feel comfortable around her knowing his appearance frightened Grete so “she left hurriedly… so that Gregor should know that he might make himself as comfortable as he wanted” (23) and eat his food in peace. Even though the sight of Gregor repulsed Grete, she “tried to ease the embarrassment of the whole situation as much as possible” (28). She sacrifices her time and her childhood to provide for Gregor, learning the responsibilities of

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