The Role Of Family In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Family members are expected to support each other and love each other unconditionally. Gregor’s family did not meet all of these expectations. They pushed him away when he needed them the most; they did not believe that Gregor was still himself after he changed to a cockroach. Gregor’s transformation greatly affected his relationship with his family, and roles shifted within the family also.
Before the transformation, Gregor was the sole provider for his family. His father and mother claimed to be too disabled to work and his sister was only a child. Gregor loved his family so much that he worked at a job he hated to pay off his parent’s debt. “In those days Gregor’s sole concern had been to do everything in his power to make the family forget as quickly as possible the business disaster which had plunged everyone into a state of total despair.” (Kafka 27). His family loved him as well, but sadly the unconditional love between family members did not last after his transformation.
The relationship between Gregor and his family changed drastically. His family viewed him as an animal instead of as a human and thought he was a burden. His sister fed him on the floor off of ragged newspapers; she became tired of caring for him and deprived him of his basic needs. The normal, loving relationship that Gregor and his family used to have was
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When it becomes inconvenient to care for Gregor, his family abuses and neglects him to make their lives easier. This is true in society as well as in this story. It is a sad truth that some people become selfish and hurtful towards others during stressful times. Humans seem to have a selfish society where people only focus on themselves. They are so much so, that they only help other people if something can be gained from doing so. Kafka shows how the love within a family extends only so far. When that love is over stretched, the familial love dwindles and selfishness comes

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