The Self Portrait Of Robert Mapplethorpe Essay

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I will be talking about self-portrait project in next few slides and I will be talking about artist and master work that I have decided to choose. Additionally, I will explain how the artist prepared and practiced for it. In this project, I chose Robert Mapplethorpe and it is his photograph from 1980s. In this photograph artist wearing dark undershirt and leather jacket and old 50s hairstyle and cigarette hanging out of left side of his mouth. Moreover, I chose this self portrait of Robert Mapplethorpe because I believe his photography style is unique and different from others and very expressive the way he did it. In addition, I chose Mapplethorpe photograph because he sticks with his opinion if people or majority like it or not. Additionally, I searched on Robert Mapplethorpe, I found that Mapplethorpe took his first photograph in late 1960s and 1970s by using polaroid camera. Artist started as painter and a sculptor, his photography took him to the next level and he started producing his own work with a polaroid camera, said he felt “it was more honest.” Moreover, in my next few paragraphs, I will likewise cover the contrast, difference, organization and any iconography the artist may be using in the photo. Also, I will talk about what kind of lines the artist is utilizing and what type of lines he uses and what type of colors he used. Additionally, “Robert Mapplethorpe born Nov. 4, 1946, New York, N.Y., U.S. died March 9, 1989, Boston, Mass. American…

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