Essay about The Selection Tools Of Gimp

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GIMP Selection Tools Overview

There are seven separate selection tools in GIMP. All offer the options of feathering and antialiasing, and all can be used for cropping by making the selection, then going to Image > Crop to Selection. When doing this, selections that are not rectangular are simply cropped to the nearest possible rectangular shape.

Rectangle Select and Ellipse Select:
This tools are identical save for one creating rectangles and squares, and the other creating ellipses and circles.

The Fixed option allows selecting to predetermined dimensions. Selection can be restrained to fixed size (width and height), fixed height, fixed width or a fixed width to height ratio. Enter the fixed values you want to use in the text box below. Examples are 200x600 for a size and 10:8 for an aspect ratio. The restraints are applied to new selections only.

Another useful feature is the Highlight option, which allows a better appreciation of the effect of cropping by darkening parts of the image outside the selection box.

The guides drop-down list is useful when composing, as it offers guidelines superimposed on the selection box, including the rule of thirds lines. Clicking on the resulting selection will make the guidelines disappear.

Ellipse Tool:
For simple elliptical or circular selections.

As well as allowing selections of any size, the Fixed option allows cropping to predetermined dimensions. Selection can be restrained to fixed dimensions, fixed height, fixed…

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