The Seed Of Western Values Essay

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The Seed of Western Values
Prompt C The Eastern world is a mystical and fascinating world, the West has always viewed it differently throughout history showing the Eastern cultures as barbaric or uncivilized. Although our history classes show them in a different perspective the area is culturally rich and has deep roots of its ancestral past. In the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, the reader dives into the mystical world and the modernization, regime changes, and religious revival that has swept the ancient state of Persia into the new Iran. The novel reveals a different side of history where the natives share the negative impacts that imperialism brought to Iran, a America that does not protect democracy, and the harsh reality of the Persian people that have radicalized through the seeds of the revolution from the Islamic fundamentalist. From the late seventies and into the eighties the changes of history of the region were unavoidable. The invasion of the embassy and the hostage crisis are shown from the eyes of the United States, a democratic powerhouse and the symbol of modernized world, when viewed by the Western world. Yet, the unavoidable truth that is behind the overthrow of the Shah was a seed that was planted by the CIA and MI6. As Satrapi conveys the malicious intent of the United States (page 21) to put Reza into power has planted the seed of the Coup that took down the emperor and put in the newer and Western-controlled Shah dynasty. The…

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