The Second Wave Of The Third Wave Movement Essay

1255 Words Dec 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Third wave feminism is the composition of several diverse strains of feminist theories that emerged around the early 1990s, although much like the movement itself it’s origins are subject to a great deal of debate. When Rebecca Walker famously declared in 1992 “I am the Third Wave”, she opened the doors to a movement that moved past what they perceived as the second wave’s ideological rigidity (Walker). This essay explores a wide range of academic discourse on third-wave feminism with the intention of looking past the misconception that the third-wave movement is merely a revolt against the second-wave and can be dismissed as generational conflict. Through analysis of third wave publications and themes, I argue the movement rather expresses progressive hopes to resolve several impasses that emerged in feminist theory in the 1980s. I see the third-wave movement as being grossly misconstrued and misunderstood, I seek to establish in this paper that third-wave feminism is not completely divergent from the objectives and values of second-wave feminism and rather evolved and grew out of it’s predecessor. The third-wave is, therefore, more along the lines of an evolution in feminist thought, not a revolution and break from the past completely. There are three widely recognized waves of feminism stemming from the 1830’s to the present day (though there are some arguments that a new fourth wave has emerged since 2008 but it’s still too soon to tell): first-wave feminism,…

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