The Second Amendment And How Law Enforcement Essay examples

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Alexander’s focus was profoundly on the Fourth Amendment and how law enforcement fail to allow this particular right to protect citizens. Furthermore, it is done in multiple, deceiving ways. For starters, they have the ability to just start speaking to someone on the side of the road walking and ask to put their hands up for a quick search. Officals with this because many people don’t know that they can, or should, say no without a probable cause. And if people do know they can say no, they choose not to because of the intimidation. Another way police try to search without probable cause is by performing pretext stops. This is when the police pull over individuals for “traffic violations” but actually have the motivation to search and bust them for drugs. The way law enforcement finds the techniques to slither around our rights and get what they want is even taught to them by the DEA program, Operation Pipeline. This program was created in 1984 trains all levels of law enforcement, state or local, to use the pretextual stops as excuses to search and then the Supreme Court, like in many cases, will say that the stop is probable cause. The training is deeper than just stopping people that are assumed to be associated with drugs, like how to make their pull over routines take more time, and how to persuade a person to give consent. Another way drugs are found is when the officers bring around their drug-sniffing dogs. If the dogs start barking at a car that is assumed to be…

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