Scrape Of The Schrock: Poem Analysis

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The Scrape of the Schrock
The womb-wielder spoke, her wry voice worrisome.
“The lap-monster’s power, has inflicted pain upon I.
Content one moment, the fine cat's coat was that of comfort.
Relishing in its delights, my hand danced along its fur.
But pleasure opens the door to betrayal, the fell-furball in its blunder, reflexively scratched my skin. The feline must repent for its sins.
The creature lacks piety, and only you can be the parent of retribution.
The scars and battle-sauce shed, must not be sacrificed in vain.
I command you, Codgar, son of courage, to cut the batty-beast’s claws.”

The dubois boy-child choked out, “Why must I be the one to challenge?”
The young prince was fragile and frail, in essence this act was filicide.
The maternal arbiter proudly
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“You are condemned to your own crafts, my pet.
Now plunge into misery, for your claws are mine.”
At this the cowardly Codgar grew courage deep within himself.
He leapt atop the leopard, and let loose the first of its nails.
Wails echoed through the cavern, the cursed screams of battle.
The story goes that as they struggled, even God himself watched scintillatingly.
The cornered beast put on a great show, twisting and contorting its body.
The once conceited creature, now constricted by Codgar‘s might.
The beast’s body was trembling, for its tremendous claws were poached.
It was self-evident of the victor, for the varmint fled in defeat.
Codgar in magnificent triumph, held the great talons in hand,
His job here was simply finished, the fruits of his labor presented twenty claws.

“Hath the beast been slain?” Questioned the bread-winner.
“For I seen it hide in pain, has peace been restored to this place?”
Codgar boasting bravely, “the bodacious cat is no more,
I carry the trophy of its defeat, I thwarted the destruction of our

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