The Scottsboro Boys Trial, The Emmett Till Trial And The Trayvon Martin Trial

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To Kill a Mockingbird Racial Relations
The controversy of race has been omnipresent since the beginning of time. Numerous famous accounts of racism have occurred, such as King with segregation and Mandela with apartheid. It is still a topic in today’s world. Whether it be African-Americans, Asians, or Hispanics, all racial groups have been scrutinized. Instances of racial injustice include the Scottsboro Boys trial, the Emmett Till trial, and the Trayvon Martin trial. The novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, tells of another case involving an African-American being wrongly accused.
The Scottsboro Boys trial was one of many racial controversies in the twentieth century. The account was two white women accused nine young black men of assaulting and raping them. The two women, named Ruby Bates and Victoria Price, were on a train. They were in the same car as the Scottsboro boys and some white men the boys were fighting with. After the fight ended, the women accused the men of raping them (Linder: Scottsboro: 1931). It is apparent to most that the men were innocent. Even Ruby Bates herself admitted that she was not raped. Yet, eight of the nine men were convicted and sentenced to prison. The boys unjustly spent many years in prison, some of them even died there (Linder: Scottsboro: 1931). Haywood Patterson, one of the boys, had many return trips and died in prison from cancer at only thirty-nine years old (Linder: Scottsboro: Biographies). Why were these boys sent to prison when even…

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