How Did The Scientific Revolution Influence The Writers Of The Enlightenment

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There were many extraordinary things about these too chapters. We started talking about the scientific revolution in the last chapter, and then went right into the enlightenment period. Both are extremely powerful, and educational events. Since science had popularized in the years before the enlightenment extraordinary people like Newton, and Locke became a source of education for many. It was said that Newton was known as the “greatest and realist genius that ever rose for the ornament and instruction of the species.” which states how important and knowledgeable he was at the time. Locke stated in his novels that every one starts out with a blank mind and has to learn new. This was a revolutionary thought from what was previously taught. When ever someone thinks of the enlightenment, they do not think of the two figures above. Voltaire usually comes to mind, because he was a man who lived and discovered his true existence. In Europe he didn’t just love the country he wrote novels, plays, and other literature about it. He also had his opinions on the freedoms in Europe and supported the expansion of different religions. What I thought was very fascinating was “Emile” which was one of the most important works on education in the enlightenment. This was a novel stating that children should be able to obey there natural instincts. This paved the way …show more content…
It Stated that knowledge about certain subjects and certain ideas were being popularized and shared. People found out that there was so much more importance to many of the issues in the world..I believe one of the bigger issues that was transforming had to have been religion. But religion was not the only aspect looked at plenty of people saw that Art had more importance or science even. They also got to look at many new cultures and see the way they lived some even admitted to thinking they enjoy life

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